Fire can damage the structural integrity of the house. If your house caught fire due to some uncontrollable circumstances, then you should be prepared mentally and financially to repair the damaged house. If this was the first time you had to experience the deadly fire, then you should know what your next step should be. 

Restoration of the house after fire damage is a long process and it should be done by professionals only. Here is what you should know for the fire damage restoration process. 

  1. Call The Insurance Company

The first step after the fire department has extinguished the fire from your house would be to document the damage. Make sure that you take enough photographs and videos to record the actual damage. This documentation is very crucial for the insurance claim. 

Once you have gathered all the evidence, call your lawyer and file an insurance claim. Your lawyer should help you get the insurance claim. This claim can be of great financial assistance for your restoration process. 

  1. Call a Professional Restoration Contractor

After documentation of the damage, comes the restoration process. You should not get involved in DIY projects, especially when something as damaging as fire is involved. You should hire a contractor who will provide your professional services. 

Hiring a contractor means that they will check the entire damage. They will tell you about the structural integrity of the house and whether you should go for simple repairs or you need to rebuild some parts of the house. This is very crucial for the safety of people living in the house. 

  1. Get An Estimate Of Repairing Cost 

Ask your contractor to give you an estimate of the total expense for the restoration project. Sit with your contractor and discuss the potential benefits of restoration or rebuilding. Things that do not compromise the living conditions of the house can be repaired, however, parts of the house that may pose risks in the future should be replaced. 

For instance, check if your roof is sturdy or damaged poorly. A complete estimate of the cost of repair can help you manage your finances. Moreover, it can indicate whether your insurance will cover the cost or not. 

  1. Renovate The Damaged Part

Lastly, it comes down to the restoration process itself. Make sure that you get a safe place to stay for your family while the restoration is in process. You should renovate the burned part of the house. Install new drywall, repair the roof, and replace the floor. 

To save time, look for tile delivery services that will provide you with material at your doorstep. Replace the floor tiles that are damaged completely. 

Bottom Line

Fire can seriously damage your house. Make sure that you document the damage so that you can claim insurance. You should hire a professional contractor to estimate the total damage and tell you the cost of the restoration process. Make sure that you restore all the damaged parts of the house and renovate the portion that was completely burned off.