If you’re a real estate investor looking to capitalize on a new trend, digital real estate

is an option to consider. These virtual assets can be monetized in many ways,

including leasing them to users of the Metaverse or selling advertising space on their

surfaces. Unlike traditional real estate, which is a highly liquid asset with high ROI,

virtual property is still volatile and can be a riskier investment. However, it’s an

excellent option for those seeking stable and diversified income sources.

What Is Digital Real Estate?

The term “digital real estate” refers to any type of real estate that exists in a virtual

world. This includes anything from a piece of virtual land to an entire city block or

even an entire universe. Some examples of digital real estate include pay-to-play

games, live work meetings, metaverse HQs for real-world businesses, shopping

centers, non-fungible token (NFT) art galleries, and more. There are several

platforms that offer the opportunity to purchase a piece of virtual land. Two of the

most popular are Decentraland and The Sandbox. Each has its own marketplace,

where you can buy and sell properties.

In terms of price, digital real estate can range from a few dollars to thousands of

dollars depending on the property and its functionality. The cost of creating a

website, apps, and other infrastructure will also increase the total expense of an

online asset. However, these expenses can be offset by the revenue generated by

the property. The growth of a digital real estate business is dependent on how well it

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With the recent drop in cryptocurrency prices, it’s more important than ever to

carefully research the potential growth of a digital asset before making any financial

decisions. Using tools like digital real estate multiples can help you gauge the value

of a virtual property. This information can help you determine whether it’s worth

investing in, and if so, how much to invest.


As the Metaverse continues to evolve and expand, the value of virtual real estate will

likely continue to grow in unexpected ways. In the past, some companies have paid

millions of dollars for pieces of virtual land. For example, Republic Realm spent $4.3

million on a plot of land in the Sandbox world. The company purchased the property

near Snoop Dogg’s virtual mansion, and an NFT collector paid $450,000 to become

his neighbor in the Metaverse.


Ultimately, the best way to make money from a piece of digital real estate is to rent

it out. This can be done by leveraging the Metaverse’s thriving economy and by

offering virtual goods and services. Additionally, you can leverage the popularity of a

game or social media platform by allowing them to promote their content on your

website or app. You can also use your digital real estate to earn passive income by

displaying ads. The possibilities are limitless.